Race2Recovery deliver cheque for £259,000 to Help for Heroes

Race2Recovery deliver cheque for £259,000 to Help for Heroes

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Today a group of wounded Service-personnel and veterans presented the Help for Heroes run Recovery Centre, Tedworth House, with £259,000.  The group formed Race2Recovery; a team of volunteers racing to inspire those who are injured, disabled or facing adversity.  Race2Recovery made history this year when they were the first disabled team to complete the world’s toughest car race – the Dakar Rally. 

Tedworth House Centre Manager, Giles Woodhouse said: “To accept this cheque today is a real honour.  What the Race2Recovery team have achieved over the past 2 years is incredible and gives a strong message to all of our wounded, injured and sick – that they can still achieve remarkable things, post injury.  Here at the Help for Heroes run Recovery Centre, Tedworth House, we look forward to using this remarkable sum of money to continue to inspire, enable and support our wounded Service personnel, veterans and their families, for life.”

Race 2Recovery And Help For Heroes StaffTedworth House is one of four Recovery Centres run by Help for Heroes, which forms part of the Defence Recovery Capability.  Tedworth House aims to inspire the wounded, injured and sick and returning veterans to lead active, independent and fulfilling lives, which will enable them to reach their full potential and to support them and their families for life.   It is a place of opportunities providing education, training, sport and adventure in a relaxed, understanding and caring environment.  State of the art facilities and dedicated staff aid the road to recovery.

The Race2Recovery team operates to the motto ‘Beyond Injury – Achieving The Extraordinary’, and set up its Dakar Rally challenge in order to inspire people who may be injured, ill or facing adversity.  Through its racing activity, Race2Recovery has been raising money for the Help for Heroes Tedworth House Recovery Centre.  Race2Recovery is backed by a number of high-profile sponsors including Land Rover, Inmarsat, Bosch, Castrol EDGE, Orange Plant and MIS Motorsport.  The team also received Royal backing when, last November, it became the first ever recipient of a grant from the Endeavour Fund, set up by the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. 

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Rally driver and wounded veteran, Captain Tony Harris, said: “To be able to take on the world’s toughest race and make history as the first disable team, has been a huge honour and rare privilege.  However, if it hadn’t been for the fantastic support of the public, channelled through our fantastic Service charity, Help for Heroes, we would have never have dreamt of pushing the boundaries of the possible after injury.  Many of us on the team are very fortunate to have this experience, but we felt it was our duty to help our fellow wounded; which is why we’re immensely proud to hand over this cheque to Help for Heroes.  I know this money is sorely needed and will be put to excellent use.  After today, we can set our sights on the Dakar Rally 2014.”

Donations to the Race2Recovery fundraising campaign for the Help for Heroes run Recovery Centre, Tedworth House, can be made at www.race2recovery.com or follow the team Twitter (@race2recovery) and Facebook.