Coping with the symptoms of depression

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Kayleigh Hopkins, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner at Help for Heroes, explains what the symptoms of depression are and how the Hidden Wounds service can help Veterans and Armed Forces families to manage the symptoms

Depression can be described in so many different ways. You might be feeling low, down, sad, tearful or miserable and the experience of depression can be different for everyone. The symptoms below show that there is a link between negative thoughts, behaviours and physical changes when we experience depression. It can be helpful to consider your own experience of depression and how they may fit into the areas below so that you can find a way to break the cycle and start to improve your mood.


Depression can often be experienced with a mixture of the following symptoms:

Physical Changes

  • Tiredness   
  • Tearful   
  • Headaches
  • Tense shoulders/neck
  • Reduced Appetite
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Poor Concentration

 Negative thoughts

  •  I’m a failure
  • I can’t be bothered
  • I give up
  • I can’t get anything right
  • I am horrible to be around


  • Doing less activities or things you enjoy
  • Sleeping/Napping more
  • More irritable/snappy
  • Comfort Eating

Coffee Cup Depression

By getting in touch with our Hidden Wounds service, we can help you discover and understand your personal cycle. We’ll then support you in developing the skills needed to start lifting your mood.

One of the most helpful ways we can do this is by remembering that is completely natural to want to do less when we feel depressed, but not forget that this
can lead to difficulties in the long term.

For example we don’t achieve things like getting dressed in the morning, leaving the house, not paying bills, cleaning or doing house work, and many more which are all very common behaviours when we feel depressed. The Hidden Wounds team can support you in gradually starting to increase your activity level in certain areas, which has been shown to help improve mood.

If you’d like to find out more about getting support for depression, you can leave a confidential message for the Hidden Wounds team here. You can also call them on 0808 2020 144 or email them at


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