Barefoot Walk

Monday 31 March 2014

On the 21 June 2014 Alan Elliot, along with many others, will be walking from Southampton to Brighton barefoot to raise money for Help for Heroes. They will begin at 6am on the 21 June and plan to finish the following day at 6pm in the centre of Brighton. 

Alan has previously taken part in Tough Mudder and was amazed at what others were taking part in to ‘do their bit’, regardless of ability or age, leading him onto organising his own event.  Looking for inspiration on the H4H website and speaking to friends and family he eventually settled on a walking challenge from Southampton to Brighton, and to make it that little bit more challenging…he will be doing it barefoot! 

‘Anyone could do a 72 mile walk over 48 hours with some training, but that was not a good enough challenge for me, I felt I could do something more and what many injured Servicemen could not do – feel the ground under my feet. So although, yes it will hurt, after a few weeks or so it will go away and I can continue as before; there are many that will never be able to feel the grass, stones, sand or sea under their feet again, so I am doing this for them. My motto for the walk is be a hero for heroes walking without limits.’

Alan welcomes anyone who would like to join in on the walk (shoes / boots optional), please do just get in touch

Giving Page:

Twitter: @walking4heroes


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