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Andy's Story

Andy heard two explosions before seeing his friend thrown 120 metres and feeling the force of the two IEDs that had been triggered. Andy’s initial fear was that he had been blown far from his colleagues but he couldn’t see because of the dust in his eyes. He said: “I was screaming but not because of the pain. It was a fear of the unknown.” Thankfully, men nearby quickly put a life-saving tourniquet on Andy’s leg to stop the bleeding.

With wounds to his right leg not healing as well as expected, Andy faced a life-changing and agonising decision — to have an amputation or live with a debilitating limp. After endless consultations with his doctor, friends and family, Andy, 22, had his leg amputated, just below the knee on 25 November 2010.Suffering 27 injuries, Andy woke up two weeks later from a medically induced coma, in Birmingham, at Selly Oak Hospital. He spent the next 18 months in and out of the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, also known as Headley Court, in Surrey where he began to adjust to life with his injuries.

He was discharged after five days and headed home to Liverpool.

Through H4H, Andy rebuilt his confidence by taking part in adaptive sports and he began a new career in motivational speaking. H4H supported him with the setup costs, including training and marketing. 

Andy is so grateful for the support he has received, thanks to your donations to H4H: “Since being injured there is one charity that has been there for me right from the beginning, through the good times and bad. Help for Heroes has done so much for me, my family and my friends who have also been injured.”