Hero Stories

Since 2007, thanks to the generosity of the Great British public, Help for Heroes has been able to support hundreds of men and women who have been wounded, injured or become sick as a result of serving our country.

Here are their stories.

Derek Derenalagi

Derek's Story

Mark 'Lofty' Taylor

Mark's Story

Louis Nethercott

Louis' Story

Carl Shadrake

Overcoming The Unimaginable – Carl’s Story

Simon Turpin

Simon's Story

Jon-Allan Butterworth

Jon-Allan's Story

Simon Brown

Simon's Story

Dave Henson

Dave's Story

Bernie Bambury

Read Bernie's Story

JJ Chalmers

JJ's Story

Dan Richards

Dan's Story

Micky Yule

Micky's Story

Martin Beaney

Martin's Story

Simon Harmer

Simon's Story

Josh Boggi

Josh's Story

Ben Zissman

Ben's Story

Mick Brennan

Mick's Story

Richard Piggott

Richard's Story

Peter Greene

Peter's Story

Mark Isherwood

Mark's Story

Dean Bousfield

Dean's Story

Steve McCulley

Steve's Story

Josh Campbell

Josh's Story

David Curtis

David's Story

Joe Townsend

Joe's Story

Annie Devine

Annie's Story

Ben McBean

Ben's Story

Craig Donaghue

Craig's Story

Pete Dunning

Pete's Story

Chris Emptage

Chris's Story

Clifford O'Farrell

Clifford's Story

Craig Wood

Craig's Story

Jon Flint

Jon's Story

Billy Golbourn

Billy's Story

Jennifer Warren

Jennifer's Story

David Richmond

David's Story

Gareth Golighty

Gareth's Story

Andy Grant

Andy's Story

Jon Le Galloudec

Jon Le Galloudec

Karl Hinett

Karl's Story

Matt Kingston

Matt's Story

Matt Lum

Matt's Story

Neil Heritage

Neil's Story

Scott Meenagh

Scott's Story

Sean Wilson

Sean's Story

Simon Jones

Simon's Story

Craig Preece

Craig's Story

Sam Stocks

Sam's Story

Gary Prout

Gary's Story

Don McLean

Don's Story

Mary Wilson

Mary's Story

Mike Goody

Mike's Story

Bob Taylor

Bob's Story