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Eggs for Soldiers

Eggs for Soldiers are the eggs that give something back. It is one of our oldest partnerships and has raised over £1.2m to date, selling over 8.6 million eggs!

Eggs for Soldiers was launched in 2012 by Noble Foods who wanted to give consumers a simple way to "do their bit" by making a small change to their weekly shop; with enough people doing this, we can make a huge difference to someone else's life.

Rob Newell, Marketing Director Shell Egg Division, Noble Foods: “We greatly respect the work the Armed Forces do. We saw the fantastic work that Help for Heroes was doing and we wanted to be a part of that. Many of our staff are either ex-military, or families of Servicemen and women so it seemed the perfect fit for us. In the Summer of 2014 we reached the £1million milestone, all through the sale of eggs!  It was amazing to be able to show our customers and retailers what can be achieved through a small change to their shopping basket.”

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The brand has been incredibly successful and popular with H4H supporters. Both Free Range and Barn Eggs are available in six and ten-egg packs with a donation from every pack and are available nationwide in Tesco, Asda and Morrison’s. They can easily be recognised on shelf with their distinctive packaging and their eggy-take on the Help for Heroes logo!

Visit the Eggs for Soldiers website for more information... we think they are doing an eggcellent job!

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