Improving wellbeing will be beneficial to recovery. It really can be as simple as getting nutrition right or learning some techniques to help you relax and sleep better. We have years of experience and can help you to understand what wellbeing means to you.

If you are regularly feeling angry, depressed, anxious, or are finding it hard to sleep we can help. Our staff are experts and our services specialised. That means we really understand the mental health challenges that can come from serving our country; or loving those who do.

We offer a number of courses and activities to help with your physical and mental wellbeing. Click any of the below to find out more. 

The Pathfinder Experience

Enabling you to develop your identity as a civilian and plan for an active, independent and fulfilling life.


A week to learn and develop skills to produce a short stop-frame animation film (think Wallace and Gromit!)


Create something beautiful with the help of our artistic volunteers!

Arts & Crafts

A week of different arts and crafts sessions based in both the classroom and in a nature setting.


Improve your beekeeping skills with this half-day course.

Bird Ringing

Learn the skills behind capturing and recording information on different bird species


Learn the art of bookbinding as part of this relaxing therapy course.

Complimentary Therapies

We offer a range of complimentary therapies to help you relax and boost your mental wellbeing.


Develop your cooking skills to help you live an independent life outside of the military.

Gardening & Horticulture

Get down and dirty with some green-fingered gardening know-how, perfect for lovers of the outdoors.

Green Woodworking

Turn your hand to the art of woodworking under the specialist supervision of our guest tutors.

Health & Wellbeing Week

Designed to help with lifestyle adjustments such as weight loss, healthy eating or physical wellbeing.

Moth Trapping

Safely capture wild moths to investigate them closely at your leisure.

Multi Activity Days

Take part in a range of activities at two of our Recovery Centres; Colchester and Plymouth.

Music Week

Hone your guitar skills or vocal prowess at one of our music week workshops at Tedworth House.

Music Workshops

Get some valuable personal tuition under supervision of a local musician.

Performance Training

Set your goals and improve your fitness levels in order to reach them.


Everything you need to know about photography including how to best use a camera and edit photographs.


Pilates strengthens the body with emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and wellbeing.

Cookery - Raw Foods

Learn all about the benefits of a raw foods lifestyle.


Gain valuable insight into how to properly relax through measured breathing techniques designed to calm your nervous system.


Weekends of singing to be recruited into the Invictus Games Choir

Sports Massages

Rid yourself of those aches and pains with a sports massage.

Stone Carving/Sculpture

Embark on a 3 day journey into the world of stone carving from the proper technique to three-dimensional carving.


Turn your hand to our woodturning sessions


Led by guest tutors, our core woodworking classes allow real hands-on experience at the woodworking craft.

Yoga/Adaptive Yoga

Improve your mobility and flexibility with our yoga and adaptive yoga sessions.