Wales Updates

Wales Updates

Ruth -updated

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer and for those of you with children, grandchildren, siblings and friends with school age children I hope going back to school is successful. 

I am extremely happy to say we are expanding throughout the whole region with some upcoming wonderful and exiting times ahead. From a move to a new office that everyone will be more than welcome to visit when we have an address to give you all, to the Welsh team visiting areas all over the region and not to forget some fantastic days out for the whole family. Please keep an eye on your emails for more information, but more importantly don’t forget to reply with suggestions of how we can support you so I can accommodate you all.

This month we have met and introduced many new Band of Brothers and Band of Sisters members to our group. From hearing some truly hysterical stories to many swapping numbers at the BoB Golfing day to sugar rushes and lots of laughs at Llanfaes Dairy with our BoS.

Ruth -Golf 1 Ruth -Ice Cream

May I please send out to an apology to all that are waiting for our “Dolphin Spotting Day”. It has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances but you will all receive the updated offer again soon.

What is coming up?

  • Monster Jam has officially landed in Wales! Guess what BoB & BoS have been invited! If you have not already placed yourselves in the ballot for this awesome opportunity please send your responses over ASAP!
  • I will be visiting those of you that live up in the beautiful and picturesque North of Wales to attend Anglesey Zoo Aquarium where we will see and learn about some weird and wonderful creatures of the deep! Not forgetting to “Find Dory”.
  • I will also be arranging Coffee and Cake get-togethers around the region, please let me know if you would like to attend, dates will be following.

These get-togethers give you the chance to meet others that live near to you so you are able to meet and chat with others that will probably understand your situation so you are able to support each other in the future. 


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