South West Updates

South West Updates

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There has been quite a few of lovely events happening in and around the South West this month plus lots of activities.

Some of our BoBs went along and had a fantastic time paddle boarding whilst others enjoyed a spot of  driving at the range in Plympton.

At the very end of July, a group of BoS and BoS enjoyed a fabulous activity weekend in Plymouth whilst staying at the Holiday Inn where they had great food and lovely company.

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On Saturday 30th July great fun in the sun was had by everyone when Ed Jennings, Sports Recovery Coordinator at Plymouth Recovery Centre, provided a great morning of stand up paddle boarding followed with an afternoon bike riding along the Plym Valley cycle track.

One BoB and BoS couple said “It was so great to spend some time together without the demands of every day stresses and no children either. We loved being in the company of others that really understand us.”

We also enjoyed a day with the donkeys at Ivybridge donkey Sanctuary on Tuesday 16th August.

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Adults and children alike had a fabulous day where the children rode and groomed the donkeys plus had fun playing Duck Duck Goose under the parachute. Everyone was pooped after and needed a little lie down!

What's coming up?

  • Get together and drop in at St Loyes Foundation Exeter on Tuesday 6th September at 1100

This is the only event from me for September as I’m very lucky to be off on my holidays from Friday 9th until Tuesday 27th September so I will look forward to catching up with you all then!


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