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East Updates

Abbie -updated

August has all been about the family BBQ at Chavasse VC House and making the most of this glorious British summer we have been having!

Just under 70 BoB, BoS and children attended the BBQ and I would like to say a massive thank you to all those who did! It was lovely to seem new faces and also to see some faces I haven’t seen a while. The Hope on the Horizon garden was full of smiles, laughter, games and lots of delicious food. Lots of the children (and adults!) got involved in the many garden games on offer and other enjoying the chance to make some boats and sand art at the arts and crafts table.

Abbie - BBQ

Some lovely quotes from BoB & BoS summed up the BBQ and the whole day. "Many thanks to you and the entire team for the family BBQ on Friday. We had a great time and it was also nice to catch up with other families too."

"Just wanted to say a great big thank you to everyone involved in the family barbeque today. It was a lovely event. The games, the barbeque, the outdoors and meeting other people. It’s my first time attending a social event. My husband and I will be definitely attending more events. The weather was super as well. Thank you. "

Another highlight this month was the BoS Craft workshop. It was the first time the workshop had gone ahead and I think all the BoS who attended enjoyed the session! There were some new faces which is always lovely to see and the smiles at the end of the workshop were a sign of how happy and proud the BoS were with their creations! Band of Sister member Lindsay said "Thank you Abbie for the craft workshop today :-) Looking forward to the next one!"

Abbie - Hearts

I am on the Great Wall of China Trek for part of September, but the next BoS craft workshop will be Friday 16 September at 1030 - 1230. 


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