Scotland Updates

Scotland Updates

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The main event in August was the BoB/BoS get together at the fantastic Weeping Poppies Window in the historic Black Watch Castle & Museum in Perth.  It was initially conceived as the key dramatic sculpture in the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, at the Tower of London in the autumn of 2014. We made a plan and were allowed to have a H4H gazebo in the grounds of the castle where we set out chairs, tables, snacks and drinks. The weather was kind to us and 12 BoB/BoS Fellowship members attended, including Carol our Scotland PR lady, who managed to have a chat with most of the group and find out more about their individual stories. As part of its centenary commemoration of WW1, The Black Watch Castle and Museum honours those who served with The Black Watch and who gave their lives from 1914-1918, with a memorial wall, displaying wooden crosses bearing the name of each soldier.

Mary _Poppy Crosses

The crosses are ceremoniously placed on the wall on the anniversary of the exact date on which they were killed. Relatives of fallen soldiers have often been present to pin the memorial cross for their ancestor to the wall.

Laura (BoB) added: “Although this installation focuses on the WW1 centenary, for me as a veteran, it also serves as a memorial to those who were killed in conflicts since, including those known to me personally who were killed serving in Afghanistan. Despite being on a smaller scale to that featured at the Tower of London, the installation at the Castle and Museum has lost none of its emotional impact.”

Mary Wilson, Help for Heroes Band of Brothers and Sisters Coordinator for Scotland, agreed: “It was a really poignant visit for our beneficiaries, seeing the dramatic Weeping Window sculpture at first-hand in such a stunning setting and being able to pay tribute to our fallen comrades from World War One and other conflicts.”  Many of our Fellowship had brought their miniature medals and berets which they wore with pride. The poppies were wonderful and thought provoking, as was the whole experience.

Mary _Group Weeping Poppies

The Edinburgh Botanical Garden tour on the 1st September was also a great experience. The weather was kind to us and it was it was a very interesting couple of hours out. We had a botanical tour guide who talked as we walked about the history of the gardens, the different flora and fauna. There are 6 large greenhouses all with unique and varied types of plants and you can book to do this tour separately which I think will be a future Fellowship event for 2017. This world renowned botanical garden is the only place known that has every kind of Rhododendron growing in one place. Well worth a visit in May.

What's Coming Up

  • Sunday 2nd October - Bowhunter Day in Nairn near Inverness
  • Saturday 5th November - Highland Cycling Ability Day


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