London & South East Updates

London & South East Updates

Zoe -updated

The Paralympic bug has bitten us hard at Help for Heroes! The Olympic Park put on an amazing day on Saturday 3rd September, where all abilities were welcome. We tried everything from Paralympic Rowing to Wheelchair Tennis.

Unfortunately wasn’t one of our best turned out events, but we certainly had a day of fun and has led to 2 people taking up very cool hobbies!

Adrianna _Para Day

Wow!! Airkix is amazing! We took 9 lucky BoB and BoS on Friday 9th September to enjoy an afternoon of indoor Skydiving. Turns out we have some expert flyers amongst us!
Later we were joined by more of our lovely BoB and BoS and spent the afternoon into late evening nattering away. It was really lovely to see you all, I hope you enjoyed it!

Adrianna _Airkix

What's Coming Up

October will be a great month of curling, pumpkin carving, pie eating and more! If you have any suggestions of what you would like in your area or any feedback, all would be greatly received. Please send to Adrianna on

Adrianna will be away on holiday from 14th - 24th October; if you need to get in contact with a regional, please feel free to ping Zoe an email on or call the central BoB/BoS number: 01980 844280.


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