Megavalanche comes to the North

Megavalanche comes to the North

Some of our Band of Brothers members are taking part in the Megavalanche Alpe d’Huez this July. This is one of the most famous and not-to-be missed downhill mountain bike endurance races!


Its massed start begins at 3330 meters above sea level on a glacier and finishes in Allemont, 2600 meters down, which makes it the craziest race in the world, and in true H4H style, some of our blokes are taking on the challenge.

A training weekend took place in Lee Quarry, Rossendale, on 30th April - the aim was to test peoples level of technical skill by using obstacles which are steeper, faster, and more risky than the team has been used to so far.  The weather was all types, snow, hail, rain, thunder, lightning and brilliant sunshine all in the one day – and all added to the occasion.

Band of Brother Yanni Karabousis said: ‘I have always been interested in Megavalanche, even as a boy, but I thought it was for the top mountain bikers in the world and not for the likes of me.  As a team, it will be fantastic and it takes the pressure off having to compete individually. It is fantastic to pave the way for people in similar situations to do this in the future.”

The next stage involves final selection in Wales on 4 June at Antur Stiniog.

Roger Coates said: ‘it’s been a true inspiration and their riding ability has developed beyond all measure.’

If you would like more information on get-togethers and fellowship opportunities in the Northern Region please contact Lucy Wray.


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