Chocolate Hunts and Sausages at Middle Spernall Farm

Chocolate Hunts and Sausages at Middle Spernall Farm

Band of Brothers fellowship member Gary Kirkpatrick kindly used his connections at the Heart of England Forest to set up a day for other fellowship members.

Gary, who works at the forest part-time, extended the invitation for a family day at the forest and six families took advantage of the kind offer.

The eight children that attended were able to get a great sugar-high courtesy of a chocolate hunt using donated Cadburys chocolate. Gay was also able to set up cooking sausages and marshmallows  over a smoky camp fire. As you can imagine, both the adults and the children loved it!

Gary Kirkpatrick Day

Dawn Quick, a fellowhip member from Stratford upon Avon, said: “There was a really good atmosphere, the kids had a blast and the adults got to be big kids too. It was proper old fashioned fun for the kids and the kind of thing we used to do when we were kids, just brilliant!”

Regional coordinator Alan McClelland said: “this was a really good get together with everyone getting involved, eating a whole lot of chocolate and sausages and the kids giving the guys on Masterchef a run for their money with their marshmallow toasting skills .So much fun!”

Cadburys donated much of the chocolate which came in purple wrappers that turned out to match the bluebells in the wood, making hunting them down a little more challenging.

If you would like more information on get-togethers and fellowship opportunities in the Midlands region please contact Alan McClelland.


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