Up, Up, and Away

Up, Up, and Away

Aviation has been the flavour of the month in Scotland this month with Mary Wilson working hard to open new opportunities to the fellowships north of the boarder.

Red Arrows Judi And Mary

Your coordinator, Mary, has been busy this month schmoozing the RAF Red Arrows at their home base to see if there is a possibility of having more regular visits with the fellowships from the North and Scotland or look at any kind of sponsorship or donation to the fellowships.

Mary and Judi (BoS Ambassador) visited RAF Scampton. Mary said: “Wow! What a day. Judi and I spent the day with the Red Arrows team and attending their briefs and watching certain manoeuvres and then lunch. It was a brilliant day out but oh so cold, I really hope we can bring more BoB and BoS here for a visit, let’s hope!”

Red Arrows

Judi went on to say: “it has always been a dream to spend the day with the Red Arrows and watching them practice their new formations was fantastic. The icing on the cake was having lunch with all the Red Arrow pilots and having a chance to talk to them first-hand about their job"

Mary also had a meeting with the members of ‘Walking on Air’ and the local MSP for Dunfermline. There want to offer Veterans who have spinal injuries/lower limb injuries the chance to fly with ‘Walking on Air’ Gliding club in Kinross. The offer also includes the option of going on to gain qualifications.

Walking On Air Meeting

The main DotMailer with all the details should be with you soon but it seems a great chance for some of our fellowship members to enjoy the experience of gliding.

If you need any more information about the Red Arrows visit or getting involved with ‘Walking on Air’ please contact Mary Wilson.


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