Relaxation ‘holiday’ at the Holiday Inn

Relaxation ‘holiday’ at the Holiday Inn

It’s been a busy month in the South West this month with careers courses, relaxation days and family visits and events. The spring always sees a burst of activity and this year has been no exception.

We held a pamper and relaxation day towards the end of the month at the Holiday Inn. BoB Iain said: “I would like to thank all involved for the fantastic relaxation day at the Holiday Inn this weekend. I would like to pass on my sincere gratitude to the masseuses who helped to make the day extra special, the Holiday Inn staff for not only the use of their facilities but also for the friendly and accommodating staff and finally to Shirley and the H4H team who made this possible. It was a welcome relief to just switch off for the day and talk nonsense with a like-minded bunch of people and I hope many more such events occur in the future.”

Shirley Feb Picture 2 Shirley Feb Picture Shirley Picture 3

Stuart also said: “it was fantastic, just sitting around having adult conversation, no children arguing and no jobs to do, it was a dream. The ladies Katie and Loo were both outstanding, they made me feel the day was about me. There was no rush, it was so calm and they was so professional in the way they presented themselves it was a credit to them.”

We also held a pathfinder course at the Plymouth RC from 8-12th February. They spent some time at the Donkey sanctuary. David Jones said: “it’s such a lovely place and has given me the opportunity to reflect on the week so far, it’s very peaceful here”

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