Half Term Mayhem at Phoenix House

Half Term Mayhem at Phoenix House

Half term mayhem descended on Phoenix House in Catterick in February as a day full of activities was organised for the fellowship members and their children.

In total, 27 Band of Brothers and Band of Sisters members attended with an army of 40 children. It truly brought a lot of life, laughs and organised chaos to the recovery centre for the dya on 18 February.

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It’s always great to give an opportunity for the children to do something fun under the watchful eye of an instructor while the fellowship members catch up over a cup of tea: this event was no exception.

The staff at Phoenix House arranged two main, fun-filled activities for the kids to keep them occupied.  Everyone enjoyed baking and decorating cookies with our Blue Apple Chef Susan – despite the mess and the snow storm of flying flour! Waste lines watch out! Susan knows how to cook and the cookies were incredible.

The other main activity was making Mother’s Day cards in the arts and crafts session. One of the children said: “It’s been so much fun today making cookies and playing with the other children at Phoenix House, the best bit was making a card for my mummy, because she is the best mummy in the world”.

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The main Band of Brothers and Sisters catch-up, natter and support group was held in Gateshead this month on 3rd February. It was great that 14 BoB/BoS attended and were able to make it to the Baltic Art gallery. Everyone had a great time. Some had not met each other before so it was great to meet each other or catch up for the regulars. Everyone also was able to collect their Jo Love fragrance Christmas present!


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