Scottish BoBs soar high like birds

Scottish BoBs soar high like birds

At the Scottish Gliding Club at Portmoak, Kinross on 20 April, it was a day for all Veteran BoB/BoS members with priority for those needing extra support. On the day, Duncan Moyse, Neil Marshall and David Anson took part. They were joined by Mary Wilson, our Coordinator for Scotland. All met up in the café first and had a risk assessment carried out by the Chief Instructor from Walking on Air. The sun was shining and they couldn’t wait to get started. Each was shown how to fly the glider and also how to “bail out” with a parachute if there was a problem.

This was a wonderful opportunity to try something totally exhilarating. Having the only disabled-adapted glider in the UK, and expert tuition on hand, it was excellent. It enabled BoB/BoS with challenging injuries to get involved in a unique and wonderful experience.

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“I would love to do it again, and get others to try it. I feel Walking on Air can do so much for different impairments, ages, life stages, and such, and they are a suitable platform to engage both Serving and Veteran wounded, injured and sick. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to get involved,” said Neil Marshall afterwards.

Mary Wilson added: “What a fun and stunning day! The weather was perfect and the instruction spot on. They treated us so well and were very enthusiastic about taking us up and then giving us control of the glider for a while. Next time I arrange a Gliding Day, do come and have a go – it is brilliant for increasing confidence and excellent for mind, body and soul.”

This gliding experience was at a hugely reduced rate and allows the opportunity for BoB/BoS to become more involved with the club in future, which Walking On Air is very keen to make happen.

All personnel who take part in a gliding session automatically become members of the club for three months and so benefit from reduced rates. There’s another Gliding Day planned for 15 July.

If you would like more information on get-togethers and fellowship opportunities in Scotland, please contact Mary Wilson on


  • Wednesday 15 July – Gliding day at Kinross


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