BoS Respite Weekend

BoS Respite Weekend

On Saturday 30 May, 12 ladies joined for a weekend break at Phoenix House. Many of them hadn’t met before but, over the day formed some good friendships.

The Sisters were able to try out massages, manicures, a floral design workshop, Pilates, a relaxation class, jewellery making and cake decorating. There was a good mix of women from the North East, North West, Scotland and Nottinghamshire.

The day was considered a huge success. Many of the ladies revealed how nervous they had been beforehand but quickly felt comfortable, and enjoyed spending time with other ladies with similar experiences.

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One remarked: “I love this place; I feel safe here when I need a break from home. Thank you so much for arranging the weekend, I was made to feel part of the group.” Mrs Seaman, from Nottinghamshire

Coordinator Lucy Wray added:“It was an absolute pleasure to spend the weekend with the ladies. As a member of staff, it’s fantastic to see how much the Sisters get out of enjoying each other’s company, having a bit of time to themselves to relax, and understanding the wider support H4H and the membership can offer”.

If you would like more information on get-togethers and fellowship opportunities in the Northern Region, please contact Lucy Wray at:


  • Monday 11 July – Get-together 11am–1pm at The Dungeon Inn, Tottington


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