Bank Holiday madness at Oakwood Theme Park

Bank Holiday madness at Oakwood Theme Park

The members of staff at Oakwood Theme Park were more than accommodating to our disabled beneficiaries on the visit of 30 May. Members in wheelchairs were allowed to queue jump and were even helped on the rides.

Ruth, our coordinator, remarked that Lee Matthews got to go on every ride that he wanted and found it amusing that she was brave enough to accompany him for a giggle but, covered her eyes and screamed on every one! Lee’s partner Cassie and daughter Lilly got to relax and laugh all day.

There was a full turn out for the event, with much laughter and lots of smiling little faces on this BoB/BoS day out. So much so, that all the kids wanted to stay and loved all of their new adventures with Help for Heroes.

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Each person has already confirmed they want to be at the next event, which is wonderful as most attending were new. There were 20 adults, and 16 Hero Kids members. It was an adrenalin-filled, fun-packed adventure. Everyone got to have lots of fun and meet new people they share a lot in common with – people that they never knew lived “next door”.

Lee Matthews was enthusiastic about the day: “After coming back from Invictus, and all the excitement and life-changing opportunity Help for Heroes has gifted my family and I, when we got back home and settled everything felt too normal.

“This is just what we needed. A thrilling day out with other families. Now I will be interacting more. I will also be working extremely hard so I can compete next year. H4H has given me a purpose to strive for again. Thank you.”  

Ruth said: “It was lovely seeing everyone together, interacting and meeting new members. Hearing so much laughter and seeing so many smiling, relaxed faces is why I live for my job. Go Team H4H!”


  • “Dragon Boat” Barge Day, Saturday 18 June. The BoB/BoS will get to sail around the Brecon Beacons in beautiful barges, have a picnic and enjoy the relaxing Welsh countryside.

To find out more about get-togethers in Wales please contact Ruth Hitchings on


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