Abbie's Monthly Overview

Abbie's Monthly Overview

Abbie -updated

It’s been a great month here at Colchester Recovery Centre with lots going on and much planning happening in the background. We started the month off with the children’s make-and-take craft session and ended with a Band of Sisters Pamper Evening with lots in between. The craft session resulted in mainly the adults crafting and the majority of the children enjoying the Hope on the Horizon garden or tucking into the snacks! I think it turned into some nice down time for the Bands of Brothers and Sisters, though.

The Pamper Evening was very well attended by local Band of Sisters members who were treated to either an Indian Head Massage or a relaxing full body massage. The pamper evenings are a monthly get-together for all Sisters in the Eastern Region, where they can enjoy a relaxing treatment and some time away. If you would like to find out more about these evenings, please do get in touch.

One BoS who attended the Pamper Evening, commented: "Thank you Abbie for a lovely evening. No meals to cook! Compliments to the staff, who look after us ladies so well. As always the pamper evening was awesome."

The Band of Brothers weren’t forgotten about and had been treated to a session of Paddleboarding this month by the very supportive Zenith Kiting, who took 4 BoBs along the river at Dedham. Luckily the weather was kind to them so the odd dip in the river didn’t matter too much! Paddleboarding makes up one of the many sessions delivered on our Activity Tuesday, which is a designated day for Veterans to take part in all sorts of opportunities.


At the beginning of the month, I also attended the Suffolk Show with our wonderful Mobile Retail Unit Team and a handful of Suffolk volunteers. It was great to get out on the ground and meet so many of the Charity’s supporters. The support we received over two days was really heart-warming and great to see people of all ages’ dedication and love for the Charity.

We also were very lucky to receive some tickets from the Not Forgotten Association to send 4 BoBs to Wimbledon for the day. I think the smiles and the below quote says it all! Thanks NFA for your continued support.

"A real treat for us to be invited by The Not Forgotten Association. We will cherish the memories of a wonderful experience; shame that we had it cut short by the traditional Wimbledon weather."

EAST-Abbie -Wimbledon

So what’s planned for July?

I am very pleased to announce that in July we have the Band of Sisters’ craft sessions starting. Each month the sessions will have a different theme so you can practise an old skill or learn a new one. The first session is Wednesday 13 July from 10.30am – 12.30pm.

We also have the Summer BBQ and Raffle taking place on Tuesday 19 July (unfortunately this one isn’t for children but there will be a family-friendly one in August). We have entertainment starting from 6.30pm and we will be firing up the barbie from 5:00pm.

Please also look out for dates within the Summer Holidays across the region when I will be organising some family-friendly picnics where the children can run wild and the adults can have a good old natter and catch up! Any ideas on locations are always welcome 


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