Rebuilding Lives

Rebuilding Lives

‘Together, Rebuilding Lives’ is the name of the campaign that Help for Heroes has launched as a result of a study by King’s College London (King’s), commissioned by the Charity, called ‘Counting the Costs’. To compliment the publication of this brand new research, nine of our beneficiaries shared their stories and had incredible photos taken of their tattoos by Roger Keller, which capture some of the psychological challenges they’ve experienced.

This is the first time a veteran’s charity has commissioned such a study to look into the future need of the Armed Forces community, who may require help over the years to come. It looks back to the beginning of the first Gulf War in 1991 and concludes at the end of the Afghanistan campaign.

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The findings are as follows:

Following conflicts around the world since the Gulf War in 1991 up to Afghanistan in 2014, the best available evidence suggests that at least 66,090 Servicemen, women and Veterans need some form of health related support now, or will in years to come.

Using a number of sources of research data, publicly available reports and Freedom Of Information requests, the King’s research team were able to confirm or estimate that between 1991 and 2014:

757,805 people served as a Regular in the British Armed Forces.

235,187 Regulars deployed on one or more major Operation including the first Gulf War, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

36,506 Regulars were medically discharged. (This figure may include a small number of Reservists)

At least 66,090 need some form of support now or will in years to come

While the majority do not suffer with health problems as a result of service, almost 1 in 11 men and women who served as Regulars between 1991 and 2014 will need some kind of support (66,090 out of 757,805). Not all of them realise that they might benefit from help on offer by the MoD, NHS or charities, but we want to change this.

To find out more about these figures and see the amazing images, visit the Rebuilding Lives site here. Please also get in touch with the team if you have any questions.


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