Veterans Wellbeing at Catterick

Veterans Wellbeing at Catterick

Catterick hosted a Veterans Wellbeing week at Phoenix House between 18-22 January with 10 BoB Veterans. There will be another course taking place at Phoenix House in April.

The week is aimed to enhance lifestyle, improve health and wellbeing, sleep hygiene and learn how to look after your own mental health. The week’s activity included nutrition workshops, yoga and relaxation, and holistic therapy treatments.

Lisa Heath who attended the week-long activities package really enjoyed the nutrition and cooking sections that were provided.

Lucy Wray Picture 2 Lucy Wray Picture 1

Lisa said:  “I was extremely nervous about coming on the course, but it’s been so interesting. My favourite parts have been learning about nutrition and the Forest Bath at Thorpe Perrow, I have learnt a huge amount. This week I have felt more like my old self, I haven’t laughed like that in years!”

From here on, alternative therapies will be offered more regularly at Phoenix House, due to encouraging results and the fantastic feedback we’ve had from this week.

Whilst Lucy, Ali and Zoe were in Belfast too, they arranged some get-togethers for the followships members in Northern Ireland. A great turnout of 28 attended over the two days – Two lovely get-togethers were held in The Park Inn, Belfast to encourage BoB/BoS to meet each other or catch up, meet the team and collect their Jo Love Christmas present! There will be a lot more exciting news coming out of Belfast over the next few months as a new coordinators starts working for H4H. 


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