Coffee & Apples

Coffee & Apples

Many of you would have seen or tasted the wonderful apple juice being produced from the garden at the Plymouth RC.

Chris, who is one our new beneficiaries, (and new BoB applicant) loves our H4H apple juice so much, he keeps coming back for more. He attends veterans Friday and says he really looks forward to coming each week to meet everybody for a chat, but also enjoys taking part in badminton, carpet bowls and archery.

Shirley Picture 2

We also had a recent get together at St Loyes Foundation Transitions in Exeter where the guys met me for a coffee and chat and also collected their Jo Loves fragrance from Christmas.

One of the BoS who attended said: “It’s been so good to meet up with everyone today, it’s so important to be able to talk to other BoS who are having to cope in similar situations, we should make this a monthly meet up?”


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