A Midlands Meet-Up

A Midlands Meet-Up

During January there were get-togethers in Newcastle under Lyme, Shrewsbury, Swadlingcote Derbyshire, Hereford and Coventry.

These gatherings allowed BoB and BoS to collect their Jo Loves fragrance (very belated Christmas present!), Cadbury's chocolate and meet up with other members from their part of the region.

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It has also given Alan, the regional co-ordinator, a chance to pick the brains of those in attendance about events, activities and ideas for future BoB/BoS shenanigans! One thing that's come up is the development of localised groups run by members. We have already had ten volunteers step forward to organise events in their local communities which is amazing!

It was Simon Vaughn’s first attendance at a regional get together, and after a tough past year and being dependent on his power chair and carer to get around, decided to come along to Shrewsbury.

He had everyone there laughing with some inappropriate, but very funny, comments occasionally using his voice box to add comedy effect. Simon said  ‘it is great to have some squaddie banter again!” (unsure his young female carer shared that sentiment!) On the back of a conversation at the event, Alan is in the process of arranging for Simon to attend a power chair football session with West Bromwich Albion in the near future.


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