Wales Update

Wales Update

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With the children’s Summer Holidays upon us I am sure you guys are having a busy but wonderful time, but not too busy to join in on some fun activities, make some new friends and lots of amazing memories on the way I hope!

We have lots planned for next month but before I tell you about the exiting new adventures and events that will be happening in Wales I would like to tell you a little about what has been happening this month throughout the region.

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As everyone knows there was a “little” agricultural show in Wales this month namely “The Royal Welsh”. We were excited to be there and see you, have a chat and get to meet lots of new people it was wonderful!

We also attended the Welsh Monkey Sanctuary in Neath. The lovely staff at the sanctuary provided a very warm welcome and had tea and biscuits waiting for all. To say the monkeys were excited to have some new visitors was an understatement! From giving cheesy grins and blowing kisses to sign language asking everyone “To remove there tops”! There were certainly some characters there (and that doesn’t only mean the chimps).


Welsh BoB & BoS were also invited to Plymouth for a little respite. They were treated to bike rides, water sports, boat rides, gourmet meals and much much more. Everyone was amazingly well looked after by myself and Shirley. Read more about this in next month’s issue.

Wales Ruth _Hockey2

Also this month we saw the All Stars Ice Hockey champions from all over the country come together in Wales to support and help raise funds for H4H. It was a fast paced, action packed weekend both on and off the Ice! The H4H team came 5th in the tournament raising 20k along with some help from our wonderful volunteers and of course Hero Bear. We have never seen a crowd so excited with so much electricity in the air! It was thanks to everyone that participated that it was decided on the spot that the event will happen in Wales next year instead of moving to a different part of the country. It went that well that Steve King the owner of the Cardiff Devils actually paid for the Ice time for the whole weekend. What an amazing gesture! I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that participated, especially one of our amazing Band of Brothers Mike Deykeyser, who not only took part on the Ice and totally smashed it he also helped to fundraise!

Wales Ruth _Hockey

So what's coming up?

  • Band of Brothers Golf range and coffee get-together where you can all work on that swing.
  • Band of Sisters afternoon at an ice cream parlour where you can design your own flavour.
  • We also have a wonderful BoB & BoS family day coming up where you will be sailed out to the Welsh peninsula and participate in a bit of dolphin spotting.

Please keep an eye out for these wonderful offers and the dates will be confirmed very soon.


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