It was almost THIS BIG – Fly Fishing on the Spey River

It was almost THIS BIG – Fly Fishing on the Spey River

Three members of the Band of Brothers were invited by a very generous supporter to fly fish on one of the most prestigious Beats of the River Spey for the day.

Bobby, Paul and Andy travelled to the Tulchan Beats, near Aviemore on 26 March for a great day in the wide outdoors of the Scottish Highlands.

The BoB’s were looked after by the Ghillie family and had a wonderful experience. All were very happy and felt energised and relaxed.

Paul Marshall said: “This was fantastic, a chance of a lifetime.  My disability is PTSD and the cure is fly fishing. It made my day. Thanks for the trip, it was the chance of a lifetime and all my fishing buddies are jealous.”

Paul Marshall Fly Fishing

“This was a fantastic opportunity for 3 BoB to experience the outdoors while doing something they loved” said Mary Wilson, BoB/ BoS coordinator for Scotland. “It helped increase their self-esteem and confidence and, even although they did not catch a fish, had a wonderful time. It enhanced their sense of physical and psychological wellbeing.”

There may be another opportunity next year to fish again on the same Beat as H4H has been put on the database for that stretch of water. We’ll keep you posted.

If you would like more information on get-togethers and fellowship opportunities in Scotland please contact Mary Wilson on


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