Easter Egg Hunt at Phoenix House

Easter Egg Hunt at Phoenix House

36 children came to Phoenix House on Wednesday 30 March for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

The children personalised a boiled egg each before taking part in a ‘roll your egg’ game, the child who rolled their egg the furthest without cracking it won – we all know how hilly it is in North Yorkshire for the eggs to roll a long way!

They then took part in the egg hunt and went away with an Easter egg each.

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It was also a chance for the BoB/ BoS parents to have a catch-up with each other while the children were caught up in the seasonal activities. 

One of the BoB members who attended said: “I Just wanted to say thanks for today. We all really enjoyed ourselves and the kids loved it, now lots of chocolate to eat!”

Lots of families came together to enjoy the event - it was great to see so many BoB/BoS get on really well, especially those who have built friendships over time from the events organised at Phoenix House. 190 Easter Eggs were donated by two local companies – A1L2B and Parkmore Hotel & Leisure Centre.

Lucy Wray, BoB/ BoS Manager for the North, said: “It was wonderful to see the children playing together at the event, it gives the family an opportunity to come and spend some quality time together over the school holidays, and wonderful to see friendships building and the strong support between our BoB and BoS members, it’s been a really positive day”.

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In other news, the Shooting for Heroes team got together on 19 and 20th March  and had a really good start to the new year with 15 new participants. There are some excellent natural individual talents coming through. One member, who has just one functioning arm, progressed from having never held a shotgun before to hitting consistent synchro-pairs.

If you would like more information on get-togethers and fellowship opportunities in the Northern Region please contact Lucy Wray on lucy.wray@helpforheroes.org.uk.


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