Caerphilly Castle Easter Egg Hunt

Caerphilly Castle Easter Egg Hunt

From the time we entered the Castle the “Hero Kids” were amazed! There was a huge smoke breathing dragon laying on the grass watching every one arrive.

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There were lots of knights in shining armour and fair maidens greeting families and making every one laugh!! We even managed to get the girls Tiaras and the boys’ bows and arrows.

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The kids were very eager to start their hunt around the castle grounds and even inside the chambers although at times it seemed like the BoB/ BoS mums and dads were more excited.

Half way through the hunt we all proceeded into the grand banquet hall and had drinks and Welsh cakes to refuel for our exiting journey through time. While everyone enjoyed refreshments there were knights doing a display and telling all the families tales and explaining about why they would wear their armour and why they wore different colours and crests.

BoB Michael De Kyser said: “We have not been part of the Help for Heroes community long but in the time we have we have been welcomed with open arms! We cannot believe the generosity the friendliness and the way we have been made to feel a part of a family again.”

After the hunt as we were saying our “Farewell’s” the BoB/BoS invited us to join them for an Easter pub lunch at the Pwllwelly Arms.

On entering the Pub we quickly realised they were huge supporters of Help for Heroes! H4H Beer on tap and H4H banners everywhere!

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The landlord even gave every one half price when he realised who we were. Emma De Kyser said: “My husband has been made to feel like the Hero he truly is. It has been a long time since he laughed and felt part of something again! Thank you Help for Heroes.”


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