BoB and BoS Visit to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

BoB and BoS Visit to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Late in March, a group of BoB, BoS and their children all met up and the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for a private guided tour.

15 people in total all met up in the beautiful Edwardian Tea Rooms for cake and coffee whilst getting to handle museum exhibits  including a 200 million year old petrified piece of wood. Everyone loved it.

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The group were then given a guided tour by the museum volunteers of the world famous Staffordshire Hoard, learning about its discovery, how it was made and its use in battle.

There was a broad spread of ages from one to sixty, with everybody engaging well, learning and discovery a facility that many of the group said they would come back to as there is so much to see and do.  The group also supported each other when we had a full evacuation of the museum when the fire alarm went off! Never a dull moment.

One BoB in attendance, Eddie Vines, hopes to become a volunteer at the museum. He said: “we had a great time visiting Birmingham Museum to see the Staffordshire hoard. I have a vested interest in archaeological discoveries having been involved in the archaeological dig at the Chester Amphitheatre in 2001 and collecting more recent Antiques myself.

“I found it fascinating how the items were recovered and the theories put forward for for caching the gold and silver and also the method in which they are believed to have acquired it - recycling or robbery of precious metals, which was it?”

Alan McClelland, the fellowships coordinator for the Midlands, Said:” What a brilliant and fascinating day for our group. We all learned so much and it was so good to hear so many of our beneficiaries saying they would come back to the museum on their own as they is so much to see and do - and its free!”

H4H are developing a relationship with the museum trust and we are now looking to have a volunteer/tour day at Weoley Castle in Birmingham which is over 750 years old.

If you would like more information on get-togethers and fellowship opportunities in the Midlands region please contact Alan McClelland on


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