Work on the gig building project continues

Work on the gig building project continues

It’s been a great month for our fellowships in the south west. As well as a hugely successful Pumpkin trail at Saltram Park, we have seen real progress with our ongoing project with the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.

A number of BoBs are involved in the National Maritime Museum Cornwall gig build project. Since June they have been learning boatbuilding skills while actually building a gig with expert guidance. Gig building and rowing are an integral part of the Southwest culture and it’s great to have a project to teach new skills whilst having a great time with like-minded people. The photo here is of the progress so far.

Gig Boat

In April 2016 a team of volunteers will row the gig to the Isles of Scilly raising money along the way. The boat will then be handed to the H4H Gig Rowing team who will take ownership and compete in the 2016 World Pilot Gig Championships.



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