BoB/BoS awareness grows in Scotland

BoB/BoS awareness grows in Scotland

The BoB and Bos fellowships continue to go from strength to strength in Scotland thanks to everyone being so good at spreading the word.

It was important to the group centred around Edinburgh to find a new place to meet - and we did, an amazing coffee shop that serves the most incredible hot chocolate and milkshakes. Great for moral but terrible for waistlines!

Coc Mary 2

BoB Terry said:  “it is great to have such an opportunity to meet others who are like-minded people and discuss all sorts of issues.

“Thanks so much to Mary for initiating this and all the hard work and effort she always puts in to organise events for us.” The BoB’s even met someone who they all knew from long ago while they were serving. That’s what it is all about.