Snow White at the Beaufort

Snow White at the Beaufort

Sometimes a good family day out is what everyone needs and getting offers which allow for families to have some fun together is always great.

One lucky family got to go to see Snow White at the Beaufort Ballroom. Lance Scheur took his family along to the event, he said:   “We had an amazing evening. It was lovely having an event held in our local area. It’s always great to have something special to do with the family – and if it’s local that’s brilliant. I’m sure the kids would call in sick to school to get to go to other events like this! Not that I’d let them.”

Snow White

Lance and his family had a fantastic evening and the children even got given glow swords. The panto was extremely funny and the famous Welshman Owen Money (Muddles) kept thinking he was in Sleeping Beauty not Snow white! Welsh rugby Player Mike Phillips (The Genie in the mirror) was trying something different on stage but could maybe use some acting lessons.

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