Magic Comes to the Midlands

Magic Comes to the Midlands

The incredible magician Drummond Money-Coutts paid a visit to Fisher House this month to give Christmas stockings to the some of the residents and other BoB’s and their families.

It was an early start to the Christmas season in the Midlands but a great opportunity for a large group of both BoB’s and BoS’s to all get together with the Fisher House residents for some up close and personal magic from Drummond.


BoB's who were able to attend to receive their Christmas stocking and see some of the magic  included Bradley Johnson, Dave Watson and his fiancé and daughter, Scott Yarrington, his partner Rachel and their son.

DMC then went up to the QE Hospital to visit some long term patients including one young female soldier with significant burns who hasn’t left the hospital since arriving in September, doing some amazing card tricks in her room and leaving her a special DMC card pack to practice with! Her Mum said "She loves magic and it was great to see her with a smile on her face despite the pain.."

DMC then went to the Cancer Treatment Ward entertaining those awaiting chemotherapy where he went down a storm with patients and staff alike.

If you want to be involved in visits and events like this in future, please make sure your contact details are up to date with your regional coordinator, Alan McClelland. 


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