Getting Back in the Saddle

Getting Back in the Saddle

Last month you heard how, as the fellowships continue to grow, more regular catch-ups are happening. These regular get-togethers really reinforce the aspect of mutual support, and this month we want to tell you about one of these success stories.

John Johnstone (Jocky) was in a bad place. Through encouragement and meeting at the coffee mornings he met other BoB/BoS’s and this helped him gain belief in himself again.

He chose to go on a course offered by Horseback UK in Aberdeenshire with fellow BoB Alec Mitchell. Jocky said:  “This was my first time to ever have anything to do with horses.  I went up with an open mind bearing in mind I cancelled my last course due to anxiety and feeling insecure. I was quite scared really but I went anyway - nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The Group (2)

“I really enjoyed the four day course meeting and being part of a team again. Working with the horse is good and makes you think about yourself, the horse and others. Now I am on a journey with Jock and the team up at Horseback UK with another two weeks to do next year.

“Anyone thinking about doing the course, don't be scared, just do it! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.”

Horseback UK is one of Help for Heroes’ key charity partners in Scotland. If what Jocky has said inspires you to want to get involved, speak to your regional coordinator, Mary Wilson.


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