Fearless BoB/BoS get to know the South African Wilderness

Fearless BoB/BoS get to know the South African Wilderness

On 6th November a team of fundraisers and ten intrepid BoB and BoS began the Wilderness Trek in South Africa.  As BoB/BoS rep, Philippa Haig (coordinator for south central) was lucky enough to be included on the challenge and what a challenge it was!

The team spent five days of trekking in the Cedarburg Mountains in unseasonal heat. The trek fast turned in to a challenge as the ‘ups’ became steeper with the inclines on a par with Ben Nevis.


Some of the steeper stretches reduced many to tears and resulted in hideously painful blisters for most.  It was an incredibly tough challenge and everyone had to dig deep to complete it, but complete it they did.  The climb up to the summit of Table Mountain on the last day was huge but everyone was well prepared for an epic finish.

Everyone swore, cried and laughed a lot. Friendships were forged that will last a lifetime. Philippa said: ”it was a privilege to be on this trek and to meet and get to know such an inspirational group of people that are our BoB and BoS.”

If you want to take part in an epic challenge to South Africa, Kilimanjaro or the Great Wall of China, have a look on the challenges pages of the H4H website or talk to you BoB/ BoS regional coordinator. 



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