Paddle boarding from Dedham to Flatford

Paddle boarding from Dedham to Flatford

Veterans enjoyed the delights of the Suffolk border on Thursday 14th May when they joined staff from Chavasse VC House for some Paddle Boarding for the first time.  Nerves were swiftly brushed away when they both took to it so well.  Lots of laughter was had throughout the session especially when a staff member, trying to talk to one of the guys turned her head and fell straight in the water, most elegantly of course!

Paddle -board1

The weather was chilly, however, the feeling of coldness soon dissipated when they had to fight with the wind blowing them back down stream where they had come from!

Lots of smiles all round captured the day’s events.

“Great new fun sport to try” was exclaimed by one of the guys.

Paddle -board2


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