Dig It!

Dig It!

In partnership with Crisis, H4H ran a small scale excavation as part of ‘Digging the Gymmie’, a local history and archaeology project focusing on the archaeological investigation of the Royal Gymnasium, one of the former grounds of St Bernard’s Football Club.

St Bernard’s was once the third largest football club in Edinburgh, but was disbanded in 1947. Like most early football clubs, St Bernard’s played in several locations around Edinburgh, however it was ‘The Gymmie’ which held host to them the longest.

Dig Scotland

Over three days BoB and BoS members entered into the spirit of things and got “down and dirty” looking for anything that was unusual and interesting.  All were doing a very good job as a very old military cap badge was found in one of the excavation pits. It was sent off to a laboratory be examined further.

Terry, one of the BoB’s commented on how good it had been to get out in the fresh air, learn about some of the Scottish history and meet new people.


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