Horsing Around!

Horsing Around!

From the June 18-20, American Horse Trainer Monty Roberts invited 12 Band of Brother members and their families to attend an event called ‘Horse Sense Join Up’ which was the first three day event that Monty had held outside of USA.

BoB member, AJ Fletcher who attended, gave us his account of the experience:

"A long time ago, In fact 17 long years ago, I was bucked of a horse. It was on my first Horse riding experience and my first residential school trip in Bude.

"Although many years have passed since, what remains is a deep almost indelible mark of fear  that I thought would be with me forever, It got me thinking of my scouting and leadership in that how can I say to my young scouts to not be scared and to give things a chance when I wasn’t doing the same.

"Shirley Gray from H4H telephoned me to say that there was a cowboy from California who works with veterans and horses, and, would I like to come along and give it a go.

 South -west

"Although I was terrified, I said yes please, I said to myself that this is now or never to face up to my confidence gremlins and show that I can conquer them, And let me tell you that it was the best 3 days ever.

"Monty is really brilliant, and so calm, He taught me that if I communicate the right way with the Horse and to show good body language in a confident way that anything is possible, and for the first time in many many years I was able to not only touch a Horse but to lead a Horse and even go into a round pen and join up with a Horse.

"The transformation in just 3 short days of calm fun and fantastic instruction I was able to do this.

"Ever since medical discharge from the RAF I have found it hard facing up to challenges and I would shy away from them, But now thanks to H4H and Monty and his fantastic team I can now start to face up to them and show those confidence gremlins who’s boss.

Having experienced this wonderful opportunity I would fully recommend that everyone should give it a go, I promise you that you will get so much out of it."


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