The Great Story

The Great Story

BoB members created their own stop-motion animation film at Chavasse VC House, as part of a wider project led and produced by The Bridge for Heroes in association with Riarmato Productions.

Bridge for Heroes is a contact centre based in Norfolk for military personnel, veterans and their families and was facing threat of closure in 2014. Help for Heroes was able to provide the charity with a grant of £27,392 to keep the centre running. Since then The Bridge for Heroes has embarked on an exciting project, funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, to produce a series of 12 stop-motion animation films based on World War I. The project is called ‘The Great Story’ and will feature 12 stop-motion animations made by 12 groups of people, based on important and defining events of World War I.

Animation - East

Three BoB members are working on the 10th animation based around animals on the front line. Veterans Steven Vaughan, Colin Branch and Dave McCafferty who had never met each other before, discussed ideas and story line development and very soon came up with a plot focussing on the theme that animals were heroes too. Following this they let their creative juices flow by drawing their scenes and characters before learning how to use the stop-motion equipment and manipulated the drawings to create their moving animation.

Dave said: “Thank you for talking me into attending the WW1 animation event. I really enjoyed it, who would have thought I had an imagination and was able to vocalise it.”

The premier of ‘The Great Story’ will take place in Kings Lynn in September where the veterans will be able to see the results of their hard work. 


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