Sporting Triumph

Sporting Triumph

BoB and BoS from across the country came together in Catterick to battle it out to see who had the strength, intelligence and endurance to win the Phoenix Games trophy. The three-day tournament was held at the Phoenix House Recovery Centre for the third year in a row.


Teams were put through their paces in a variety of events, including raft building, seated volleyball, a quiz, archery and swimming gala. Team South, made up of a mixture of participants from Tedworth House and Chavasse VC House, managed to take the trophy from Phoenix House for the first time in the game’s history.

Among the participants in the Phoenix Games was BoB member Anna Pollock.  Anna said:  “Taking part in the Phoenix Games makes you feel part of a team and it puts you in a social group of people instead of being sat at home on your own. It definitely gives me confidence and makes you feel strong and happy.”


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