A really cool evening

A really cool evening

On the 12th July, BoB and BoS members and their families were invited to the Wales national ice rink in Cardiff bay sports village to watch a fun and fast paced Ice Hockey match!

The Cardiff Ice Hounds were up to speed led throughout the first half. One of the children who attended, Izzy was more into the sport than mum and dad and proceeded to cheer the lads on. One player quickly became her favourite. “Paul Packer… Paul Packer”, she chanted as he sped down the ice.


At the last minute in penalty time the opposition Bracknell made a lucky shot which clipped over the Hounds keeper’s hand sending them through to the play offs. It didn’t spoil the mood of the night though and everyone left still smiling and with adrenalin pumping.

Izzy’s parents, BoB and BoS members Rob and Taryn said, “This is the most fun we have had in ages. Izzy has lost her voice all the kids are laughing and we will definitely be attending more games and events! Thank you H4H”.


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