Run or Dye at Castle Howard

Run or Dye at Castle Howard

On the 1st August, 25 BoB/BoS members took on the most coloiurful run in the land, Run or Dye! It's a 5K run where spectators and particpants alike are allowed - encouraged! - to smother each other in multi-coloured powder paint bombs.


At the end of the run everyone gathers in front of a DJ - armed with a paint cannon - who shows no mercy in showering the crowd in a cloud of paint!

One of our BoBs, Simon Bangert, took part with his daughter and said, “the Run or Dye 5k on Saturday was superb. I was apprehensive to say the least but I got around it along with my little lady and met up with the H4H team and Regional Manager during the event. Hero Bear did a great job warming up the participants!"


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