A really wild photo shoot!

A really wild photo shoot!

On 11th August 6 families met at the Wiltshire Wildlife Long Moor Farm nature Reserve in Gloucestershire. A brilliant day was had by all. The morning was spent taking photographs under the expert tuition of wildlife photographer Iain Green and in the afternoon everyone made head dresses from flowers  and went pond dipping for little critters. After a BBQ and best photo competition it was time for home. 

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Bruce said: “The Family Fun Day at Lower Moor Farm in the Cotswolds was such a fabulous event. There was so much to do with: photographing the insects, catching Newts and Toads, learning about wildlife and making things using the reeds, leaves and plants. It was such an enjoyable event for the whole family and it was really great to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life to enjoy a fun filled day with nature. 

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“The BoB staff and the Volunteers were all so knowledgeable and helpful. The highlight of the day was learning about how to take wildlife photos from the acclaimed photographer Iain Green, who has spent over a decade taking photographs of Tigers in the wild.”


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