50 Toddlers Bake for Heroes

50 Toddlers Bake for Heroes

Annabel Woolmer (author of the Tickle Fingers Cookbook, which provides recipes & tips for cooking with toddlers) hit on the idea that, rather than selling cakes, she would bake with toddlers in return for donations. So, for 6 days from 29th April, 50 children aged 1 to 5 came to Tickle Fingers HQ (aka Annabel’s house). They baked a simple, egg-free Banana & Choc Chip Cake recipe, which Annabel had designed to allow the little chefs to be as hands-on and independent as possible. Between them they made 200 cakes, had lots of fun baking (many for the first time) and as you can see, were rightly very proud of themselves.

       Tickle Fingers 1Tickle Fingers 2Tickle Fingers 3       

       Tickle Fingers 4Tickle Fingers 5Tickle Fingers

As well as opening up her house, Annabel asked those who couldn’t make it to her house to join in by baking the recipe at home, or even in the case of one family, on holiday in their caravan. 

                             Tickle Fingers 6       Tickle Fingers 7

Thanks to the support of Smocks For Tots who made cost-price aprons, Kitchen Craft and Vibrant Home who donated the bakeware, and Andiamo Language Services who donated the ingredients, the little chefs raised £725 and had a lot of fun doing it.