Ryley Bace Bakes for Heroes

Ryley Bace Bakes for Heroes

Ryley Bace is 5 years old. When walking home from school one afternoon he decided he wanted to make cakes, sell them and give the money to people who needed it. Ryley's daddy Chris is in Army 1 Rifles and as a family we always wear our bands and t-shirts so Ryley already knew he wanted to give the money to Help for Heroes. Ryley wanted to sell them at Motor Cross which is where his daddy races and Ryley will soon be racing there in August too.

Ryley let lots of people know about his event and they even made cakes for him to sell. He worked so hard walking all around the hills and fields selling bands and cakes for 2 days, his little legs didnt stop. He wanted to make £100 but he worked so hard he made £340.66 and the money is still coming in. As a mummy and daddy we are so proud of Ryley who really has a very big heart and is so caring. He's our mini hero.

Ryley        Ryley 2

This was lovingly written by Ryley's Mother Sophie Bace.

We would like to say a big thank you to Ryley and his family for their wonderful support and especially to Ryley for all of the hard work put in to his Bake for Heroes event. We are very proud of you!