Appleton School's Colossal Cake Sale

Appleton School's Colossal Cake Sale

A Year 8 Business class at The Appleton School in Benfleet in Essex held a Colossal Cake Sale to raise money for Help for Heroes and raised a terrific £122.32!  The pupils combined their fundraising with a literacy project and wrote a diary about their experience.  We really enjoyed reading all about their cake sale and have shared some snippets from their diary entries with you...

Appleton School CCS Poster

“I feel really good about selling the cakes for Help for Heroes because we raised lots of money and it was fun. We had loads of cakes and they sold out really quickly, especially the chocolate cake that one of our classmates had made”.

“Today I helped raise money for Help for Heroes. I bought some cakes to sell at the bake sale as I didn’t have the right ingredients to make cakes. There were 12 in the packet”.

“Yesterday on the 5th May I made some cakes. Well, I bought some cakes then iced them. I also crushed some Maltesers and put them on top. I had to find some boxes to put them in and then the next morning I brought the cakes to school. Once I got to school I went to Mrs Baker’s room and put my cakes with many others, they smelled very nice”.

“Yesterday I made some cakes at 6:00pm and took them out at 7:00pm and iced and decorated them until 10:00pm in the night. My Mum helped me make them. I am very tired now but I know I have helped the Heroes and my class. We raised £122.32”.

“When the bell rang at the start of lunch; a tremendous crowd came hurdling towards us. Once I saw the money I knew we were in business”.

“We put lots of hard work into selling the cakes and getting people to buy them from our stand. We hope that we raised a lot of money for you just by selling cakes.”

“It was very exciting doing an event like this. Whilst I was having my lunch I went back to the stall to see how we were doing, half the cakes went in a short time”.

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