Josh Crowley, athlete in the making

Josh Crowley2

Josh is 7 years old and decided to take part in a UK Kids Fun Triathlon on 4th of June consisting of a 25m swim, a 1k cycle and a 500m run.

Tina, Josh's mum was medically discharged from the Army and has since received a grant from H4H to help her with her studies. This grant aided her in getting a new fantastic job and has helped her family settle back into civilian life.

Josh wanted to say thank you to H4H for helping his family and completed the triathlon in 11 minutes 15 seconds, which is phenomenal!

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4 Year Old Maisie - Star Baker

Maisie Mead has been inspiring people in her local community with her baking and fundraising skills and after holding her last bake sale, Maisie was really eager to do one again and this time she wanted to go bigger and better!     

Maisie (3)

Maisie’s mum, Victoria, hired out their local community hall and started to make enquiries about providing a raffle. They visited lots of people and Maisie politely (and excitedly) told them about her bake sale. They were overwhelmed by the support they received and the incredible prizes that were donated.

Maisie planned all of her cakes by designing some herself and trawling through recipe books. By the weekend of the bake sale they had collected the prizes, given out leaflets, received their Help for Heroes ‘Shop in a Box’ and had to shirts made!

Maisie (1)     Maisie (2)

Maisie then began baking. She baked over 100 cupcakes and decorated them. She then helped her daddy to make some big cakes! By Sunday they were ready and Maisie helped to set up the hall and brought her little shop (in a box) with her! The bake sale was a huge success and so many local people came and supported. Maisie was so polite and caring to each person and raised an incredible £350!!!

Her next event is a little bit special as she has been approached by her local council and asked to take part in the Queen’s Birthday celebrations where they live. They have asked her to be the cake baker and sell her cakes, all to raise money for Help for Heroes as they have been so overwhelmed by what she is doing.

Victoria and James, Maisie’s parents, are so incredibly proud of her and we have to say that everyone at Help for Heroes is very proud of her as well!

Well done Maisie!

Weston Mill Primary School children Bake for Heroes

Marie Harvey, a Teaching Assistant at Weston Mill Primary School, had seen the Bake for Heroes ad on a Facebook page, and thought "what a wonderful idea".  They have many Forces children in the school, and some of the staff members are also ex Armed Forces personnel.  Marie took the idea to the Headteacher, Mrs Nettleship, to ask for permission to run the event, and without hesitation, Mrs Nettleship agreed.

Plans got underway, and the H.M.S. Heroes children were all given a letter to take home to their parents asking if they would donate cakes for the event.  School staff members also baked cakes for the day. All the children invited their parents to the event, and on the 22nd April the Bake for Heroes event took place.  

All the Forces children arrived early, armed with cakes and smiles, to help set up their stall.  

 Weston Mill Primary School - Marie Harvey 2

Many parents attended, some in uniform, and a veteran who wore his medals for the occasion.  The children were extremely proud.  The children sold cakes before and after school, and it turned out to be a huge success, raising £150 for Help for Heroes.

Weston Mill Primary School - Marie Harvey 1 


We at Help for Heroes would like to thank everyone who got involved. We are very proud of everybody's amazing effort and contribution - WELL DONE! 



Olivia Shipley Bakes for Heroes

Olivia Shipley3

Olivia Shipley who is ten years old, organised her very own Bake for Heroes event for friends and family at her home in Leighton Buzzard.

Olivia said "I saw the leaflet at school and I was interested, so I picked one up as I love baking and also wanted to bake for charity.   I registered my event and I was excited to receive my fundraising pack."

She then went on to organising her cake sale including making a list for invites and a list of all the cakes to bake. Olivia also used the Bake for Heroes invitations which she found on the website and gave these out to family and neighbours.

Olivia Shipley2

The baking started three days before the event for Olivia and her sister. Once all the baking was finished they blew up the balloons and hung up the bunting.

Olivia said "The table was laid and each cake was cut up to make it easier to serve, I used the stickers and stuck them on to cardboard and placed in front of the item so it was labelled with a description of the cake and the price.  As people arrived my mum and dad made the drinks, I served the cakes and my sister took the payment.

Olivia Shipley

I felt good because I had enjoyed the baking, everyone had enjoyed the cakes and we had raised some money for help the heroes."

Olivia's parents Paul and Angela added;

"I have to say it was an uplifting experience and we were very proud of the girls that I had stated this was their event/project - I would make the tea and clean up but they needed to organise and deliver it!! One neighbour has already asked when's the next one!"

Help for Heroes (H4H) would also like to say a very big thank you to Olivia and everyone who helped to make Olivia's cake sale a great success. As well as your parents, we at H4H are very proud of you.

Ethan's Incredible Fundraising

One of Help for Heroes’ star fundraisers is the lovely Ethan Metcalfe, who has been fundraising for the charity for three years.  To try and raise more money than previous events, Ethan came up with the idea of doing numerous activities, including a raffle with 13 prospective prizes, 10 of which were Help for Heroes (H4H) merchandise and 3 were vouchers provided by a local Photography company.

Ethan 2016 (1)

Ethan also did a name the H4H teddy game, which proved incredibly popular, and instead of the one big cake sale, Ethan and his family held several small cake sales just for family and friends.  With the help of Ethan's Grandma, they raised a lot more money.

Ethan has been moved to tears by just how much he has been able to raise. He knows how important this money will be to H4H as his new favourite read is the H4H ‘Inspiring Heroes’ book, which helped him to see the different aspects of the charity.

His incredible effort has resulted in Ethan now raising over £600! He never dreamed of raising so much, with the initial target being £100!  Ethan even donated £20 of his own money, £10 from his wallet for the teddy game & £10 in 5p's from his money jar when he was determined to hit £500.

As this event has drawn to a close, Ethan is now thinking of his next, bigger, better extravaganza fundraiser, although his family have still not managed to figure out a way to involve tanks!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Ethan for his continued support and for going above and beyond for our wounded, injured and sick heroes.