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Pathfinder Team

Pathfinder is a  3 phase programme that enables Wounded, Injured and Sick beneficiaries to take stock on their life, assess their own strengths and abilities, focus on the future and plan for a more fulfilling role, whether that be a new career, training, volunteering or simply being comfortable with their role and purpose in life.  It would be impossible to run the Pathfinder Programme without having people who are prepared to give up a huge amount of time as mentors.

For two years the following group of people have shown complete commitment to the programme; some working on a pro bono basis; many at reduced rates and all being completely dedicated to supporting our Blokes:

Adam Marchant-Wincott, Colm Hannon, Daniel Gent, Gordon Wright, James Cameron, Mark Isherwood, Matt Neale, Melanie Pullan, Mike Cole, Richard Wilson, Rob Ramsden, Sheridan Hughes, Steve Hilditch, Stuart Hales.