Lionel & Layla

For Outstanding Support of Help for Heroes Through Mission Motorsport

Mission Motorsport is one of Help for Heroes’ charity partners. They co-ordinate motorsport  opportunities to aid recovery and Lionel O’Connor is one of their beneficiaries. On behalf of Mission Motorsport Lionel runs an enormously popular inclusive car control programme, taking responsibility for all safety issues and making sure that everyone has a positive experience.

Meanwhile Layla, in addition to raising 3 children, offers unwavering support to Lionel and the car control programme by sorting out pre event admin. She attends almost every date and provides food and refreshments along the way. At Wings and Wheels this year after a very full and hot day she cooked dinner for 13 people. This is typical of her!

The two work as a great team to deliver fantastic results for an increasing population of beneficiaries. Without them the programme could not operate, and a huge number of people would be disappointed.